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Links related to Prof. Anthony Kuo:

Prof. Anthony Kuo's Google Scholar profile

This link on Google Gcholar provides Prof. Anthony Kuo's publication information.

Prof. Anthony Kuo's ResearchGate profile

This link on ResearchGate provides Prof. Anthony Kuo's academic information.

Prof. Anthony Kuo’s LinkedIn profile

This link on LinkedIn provides detailed information on Prof. Anthony Kuo.

Prof. Anthony Kuo’s ZoomInfo profile

This site contains Prof. Anthony Kuo's past information and records collected and compiled by ZoomInfo.  (ZoomInfo collected information scattered on the Internet to compile business persons' profile.) 

An early report on Prof. Anthony Kuo

This is a report on Prof. Kuo published on the internal magazine of Trend Micro Inc. in 1998. The report is written in Chinese.

A video clip of CNBC interview

This is a video clip of CNBC interview with Prof. Anthony Kuo in 2000. The file is in Real Video.